Common Ground, Daphne van den Blink (2017)

graduation 2017 master film

Over hundred years ago trees migrated from all over the world to the Arboretum of Tervuren. Victoria Kabarozi migrated to Brussels ten years ago, her son Aaron was born here. Since Victoria didn’t find a job soon enough, she now has lost her right to reside in Belgium. Trees relocate, Victoria and Aaron are moving. We move along with them, searching for solid ground where we can remain.

23 min., English spoken and subtitled


Camera: Daphne van den Blink
2nd camera: Juanita Onzaga
1st assistant: Anouk Fortunier
Editing: Karel de Cock
Sound design: Stijn Dickel
Sound editing: Gedeon Depauw
Sound mixage: Michel Coquette
Color grader: Xavier Dockx
Production: Silke van Medegael & Roxanne Sarkozi