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Delicate Movements, Charlotte Vercruysse (2022)

graduation 2022 film


Nederlands, Engels en lichaamstaal

Met Emilienne Haghebaert, Philomène Authelet, Charlotte Vercruysse, Geert Belpaeme, Luc Vercruysse

Camera: Louisiana Mees
Geluid en Licht: Joost van der Westen
Montage: Charlotte Vercruysse
Montage Assistentie: Naré Nahapetyan, Ruben Moriau
Colorist: Maxim Van de Sompele
Credits: Mario De Baene
Mixage: Michel Coquette

Mentoren: Geert Belpaeme, Martine Huvenne


Languages: Dutch, English and body language

Delicate Movements is based on my experience living with my grandparents during the lockdown. My grandmother suffered from an illness that gradually took away both her speech and control over her body. It is a challenge to connect without words with someone you suddenly become physically close to. After a while, just that physical contact felt like our way of communicating. I became aware that my mindset of partner-acro (my hobby) came in handy here. The focus that came with each physical effort made the movements exciting. It required daring, confidence, and synchronicity, just like circus performers and dancers interact with each other.
Together with an acrobat/dancer, we explore what it means to give up control and to be in one movement with each other. An interaction that gave me a very different perspective on care, acrobatics, and connecting with another body.