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Every Film, Jubaraj Baruah (2021)

graduation 2021 film


57 min., English spoken, English subtitles

Met/with: Benina, Maria, Abdel, Christian, Willy, Xavier, Omar, Stefano, Ari, Ali, Ahmed, Derick, Hiram, Joshua, Estelle, Ikram, Frank, Maria, Sara, Abbas, Koka, Taita, Papa, Ma, Mama, Elettra, Hazem, Penelope and Sabien.
Camera, sound, edit: Jubaraj Baruah


Every Film comprises of people, places and memories. Stir them up together and you get movement.

I arrived in Ghent on the 6th of September 2019 to do my masters in audiovisual arts at KASK. ‘Every film’ chronicles this journey through shifting places, perspectives and people I encountered during this little sojourn. It can be read as a love letter to the trivialities (or the pangs) of a life in transit.