het bitterste zoet (bitter sweet), Masha Berkers (2017)

graduation 2017 master film

bitter sweet is a documentary about struggling with mononucleosis, about wanting to perform but not having enough energy to meet social expectations. In the confinement of her bedroom the filmmaker exercises, sleeps, looks around and films every day. In this prison of banality the window and her computer screen are the only two views on the outside world.

41 min., Dutch spoken


With Wilma Last, Harrie Berkers, Annika Berkers, Philip Heremans, Reinier Kroese, Menzo Kircz

Camera: Masha Berkers
Editing: Constanze Wouters, Masha Berkers
Sound design: Aïda Merghoub
Mixage: Michel Coquette
Graphic design: Mona Schrevens
Color grading: Joachim Vansteelant, VC Color