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Nexus, Esin Guler (2022)

graduation 2022 animatiefilm

Humankind is an environment maker with a capability of abstract thinking. With the ability of thinking beyond its own scale, humans are powerful agents in terms of shaping geographies. Our relationship with nature is like a matrix; in which capacity of creating new possibilities and species, surrounds the humankind in an environment form as the web of life. Therefore, standing in the middle of these relations, we are “Nexus”. Social connections are spread out through the Planet Earth on both temporal and spatial level, allowing humans to act as a creative force. In an allegorical sense, just like wind, fire, air and water do; humans make environments by their mobility and physical bodies. Our biosphere cohabitates myriad of organic life forms from micro to macro scale. The Earth’s fauna and flora served as a vast resource in terms of carbon based chemical ground to manifest compound life forms. However, through the course of planetary history, natural entities are governed by a linear economy paradigm; taking, making and wasting in an irreversible fashion. Nature is appropriated as both resource and sink. Exploitation of various life forms are utilized for financial accumulation. Therefore, a new form of man-made global system came into play: Capitalism. Capitalist agenda has displaced fauna and flora off of the global ecosystem into work, to work for itself with nothing to offer in return but severe harm on the long run. When extractive industries combined with technology, a “metabolic rift” occurred within natural cycles of the planet in terms of Marxist counter argument. During the process of turning resources into commodities, waste and pollution left behind. Capitalist mode of production is insensible to regeneration or recuperation of the resources; it seeks maximizing profit. Without a shift in our perception about our environment and our connection with other beings, a mass extinction event is expected to affect many species among the world, including people, in forms of natural disasters or unpredictable weather patterns.