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Orange Flavored Love, Angela Alsouliman (2023)

graduation 2023 film


36 min. 51 sec

Arabisch gesproken met Engelse ondertitels



Nawal: Fryal Ahmad Yaseen

Mother: Gamila Faleh Hasan

Um Mahmod: Nidal Ahmad Khedir

Safa: Mountaha Habib



Cinematography and production design: Diren Agbaba

Assistant camera and director: Zaur Kourazov

Gaffers: Hadhal Thakir Hashim and Ryan Shehab Ahmad

Art direction: Willem Jansen

Script and make-up: Kazim Fathi Ishmael

Costuming: Noor Mahdi

Production manager Iraq: Forat Farooq Saleh

Production assistants: Ibraheem Ahmad, Anas Hassan and Willem Jansen

Supervision production Iraq: Suleik Salim Hussein

Editor and title design: Ewin Ryckaert

Sound recording: Yousif Bashar

Boom operator and sound recording: Hasan Taha

Music composer: Milo Paulus

Musicians: Akram ben Romdhane (oud) and Seyedarian Sadrayimousavi (violin)

Foley artist: Flo Van Deuren

Foley mixer: Seppe Roosen

Sound editing: Griet Van Reeth

Sound mixage: Thomas Vertongen




36′ 51″

Spoken language: Arabic with English subtitles


In Mosul, Nawal takes care of her ailing mother Samia. The mother’s condition gets worse as medicine is no longer available in the city. In the few days she has left, Nawal, her mother and their neighbor share small moments of joy. The ladies sing and dance, they use make-up and make scents, they tell jokes and laugh too hard. In the midst of illness, poverty and war, they manage to transform something dire into something joyful, creating beauty where ugliness strikes.

Orange Flavored Love is a sensory fiction drama full of smiles, colors and smells.