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Ours is a Country of Words, Mathijs Poppe (2017)

master graduation 2017 film

The story is filmed in Shatila, a refugee camp built in Lebanon when thousands of Palestinians fled their country in 1948. Beginning at an undetermined moment in the future, the dream of the refugees to go back to Palestine is becoming reality. Yet, while families are preparing for their fictional return, it slowly becomes clear that this dream is far removed from their daily life in the camp.

42 min., Arabic spoken, English subtitles


Actors: Jamal Hendawi, Mohammad Abbas, Mohammad Zayat, Mohammad Hassan, Naim Abbas, Mona Hendawi, Farah Hendawi, Hanan Hendawi.

Camera: Mathijs Poppe
Production: Elisa Heene
Sound: Ben De Raes, Ernst Van Hagen, David Slotema
Translation: Angela Ulens