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Pyre & Soot, Felipe Carrion (2023)

graduation 2023 animatiefilm

Pyre and Soot is an animation where I want to recognise and revisit symbols, signs and patterns of narratives. To propose a space of graphic allegory related to the subconscious, the psyche and the memory.

This project is a personal quest to in-print a graphic diary that uses storytelling to purge my experience.

Let’s approach the concept of subtract, the matter of a pigment (ink, charcoal, graphite…), as a vehicle of communication of those stories. I am the witness and creator of a narrative and the texture, subtract and typography is an evidence of the process.

This will be depicted in an animation/ graphic diary as a self-reflection on how I perceive dependency, anxiety, friendship, loneliness, self-recognition and family. My intention is to build through vignettes and textures a conceptual narration of symbols that follows an emotional track of a mental process. As a printer, I see the texture and the colours as an opportunity for understanding layers as part of a whole.