Strangers, Tomas Hendriks (2009)

alumni film






Digibeta, 15 min., no spoken language

“A man is captured in a surreal world. He works nightshifts in a fish factory and explores its uncanny surroundings at dawn. A corpse he finds in the fields further dazzles his already mixed up thoughts. His relation to the deceased is unclear. Strangers is an exploration of a mind in an in-between reality. The shots are put together in a hypnotizing way and serve more as impressions than as carriers of a story.” (Cinestud Filmfestival Amsterdam 2010)

With: Jasper Hupkens, Eva Herman


Director/DP/Editor/Music: Tomas Hendriks

Sound Recordist: Peter Van Houwelingen

Sound Editing: Tomas Hendriks, Daan Hendriks

Sound Mix: Michel Coquette


Tomas Hendriks (°1985) studied Composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (NL) and Film at KASK, graduating in 2009 with the film Strangers, that was screened and awarded at several festivals.

His music compositions have been performed and awarded throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Also his film work is marked by a strong sense of composition and focuses on the experience of image and sound. His films can be best described as moods, shaped or stretched out over a course of time. For Decision Pending (2014, 30′) an experimental documentary on convictions and doubt, he wrote the music, which is performed by Spectra Ensemble.