This is how a panic attack feels like, Frederike Nickel (2019)

master animatiefilm

THIS IS HOW A PANIC ATTACK FEELS LIKE is the new video essay by Rike Nickel. Rikes videos aim to destigmatize mentally fragile issues through addressing them in a humorous way. THIS IS HOW A PANIC ATTACK FEELS LIKE offers the viewer an insight into what panic actually is, without laying too heavy on her*him. It suggests ways to integrate anxiety in our lives without seeing it as our worst enemy. Besides offering an interesting visual experience, the video wants one thing above all: inviting you to an open conversation about fragile subjects as this.

Second Camera: Linnea Littegrann
Soundmix: Patrik Berx
Actors: Katharina Potrykus, Ada Güvenir, Moritz Nickel, Kei Sendak