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Too Far, Too Close, Margo Mot (2017)

master graduation 2017 film

Too Far, Too Close connects the lives of a handful of city residents. A search for a lost cat sets the characters in motion, but their hunt between windows, doors, rooftops and walls is also a search for connection with their absent loved ones. Too Far, Too Close draws life paths like chalk lines in a small drawing, while in fact they exist at half a world’s distance apart.

25 min, French spoken, English subtitles
Remastered in 2018

With Julie Sokolowski, Hans Dagelet, Lieve Meeussen, Rafik Uyari

Camera: Ivo Nelis
Assistant director: Nina Eleonora Claes, Abel Bos
Production Assistant: Roxanne Sarkozi, Rasmus Van Heddeghem
Art Direction: Anne Ballon
Music: Ekster – Niels Van Heertum
Mixage: Raf Enckels
Color Grading: Joachim Vansteelant – VC Color